Saturday, June 29, 2019

E-commerce solutions with online payments

Start selling your products online with full e-commerce portal & help your customers to easily navigate and purchase products.

What are the features get from our eCommerce solutions?

Easy to design
We create responsive portal with rich user experience to easily navigate anywhere.

Online Payment
Your Customer can easily make payment using multiple payment options.

Highlight Promos
Highlight Your Promos & Offers to attract customers.

Compatible with all devices
Your application is compatible with all type of devices.

Why choose BASE 2 for a Software Solutions

We extend our E-Commerce expertise beyond the B2C model to meet the needs of B2B transactions and other Commerce-related Applications.

Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Looking for a Mobile App Development in Bangalore?

Mobile Applications Development is now the booming sector of the IT industry. We know our innovation and responsibility. A great product is the combination of your plans and our ideas.

BASE 2 the mobile app developers in Bangalore specialize in the detailed processing of a product at each stage until it reaches its desired quality to prevent any significant breakdown following implementation. We follow an approach to make our mark in the industry felt with our quality services

Today we are the proud providers of mobile application related solutions starting from app development to app testing for a wide range of mobile platforms. We provide application software designing services for smartphones, tablets and other portable devices.

Our software has been designed to function on all existing devices ranging from smartphones or tablet, computer build native apps, web apps and hybrid apps using  Phone Gap, that allows us to create apps for existing operating systems like iOS, Android devices. Phone Gap uses standard development languages like HTML and JavaScript.

We handle each project with a tailor-made methodology. This is the ace reason behind our success in all fields of service we have stepped in so far.

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How CRM will help your internal team ?

Customer Relationship Management and it’s software is a business tool that allows you to manage and store all your clients information in one place, at the same time keeps track of client doings like phone calls, website visits, email etc.

Improving business relationships with clients can be accomplished by means of well-defined strategies, practices and technologies that gauge communications and data throughout the various stages of interactions.

Through CRM cross-selling opportunities can be identified that eventually improves one’s business.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Will Your Website brings you a business? 
Do you have a business and don’t have a website? If you have a business without a website in this modern era, which means your business doesn’t exist more. Now a day peoples and companies more on looking your existence on the internet. Below are just a few of the advantages and benefits of having a website for your business.

An online website can be visited whenever of the day or night. Individuals will look to your site as opposed to setting off to your shop since it is increasingly available. Just make sure to post enough information about your products and services.

Encourage your customers to take action
Developing an attractive website is a challenging part; a perfectly designed website can stand out from the competition. Including a highlighted call to action, buttons will be of major benefit for your website. Adding a reminder to “call us” or “email us” or “click right here to buy” is easy -and effective.

Better Relationship
Having a website can build better relationships with your customers. You can send messages instantly to your customers through email. Also, your customers can review your products online and can also leave feedback for you and your business. It’s best to always send your customer a message. This is essential for building a good relationship with them.

Long term relationship
The relationship between customers will be one time or when they are buying your products but the relationship with clients is long term. So websites are helpful to build a long-term relationship with the clients.
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Digital Transformation in the Real Estate Industry...
Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology in the business process to improve the performance of business operations. Digital transformation helps the business to lower the operational cost, increase the accuracy and speed.
Now a day each and every industry is transformed traditional approach to digital approach. This digital transformation has impacted all the industry including the global real estate market.

Real-Time Data
Digital transformation brings valuable information right to our fingertips. By increasing the accessibility of the real-time data, the real estate industry becomes more transparent. Real-time data will be accessed by various modern technologies.

Real estate Applications
Now a day most of the peoples are like to access everything in their smart phones, because of this so many real estate applications are coming out with the different features. In that one of the App is Build Matrix, which has tremendous features. This app is managing the construction activities & expedites the same with business intelligence reporting in real time to the builders & Real Estate Companies.

Real Estate Portals
The digital transformation has created the need for real estate portals to connect investors with real estate professionals. Real estate portals are connected with the investors and real estate professionals and with the potential customers, one who looking for purchase. So real estate helps the more effective growth of the networks and businesses.

The digital transformation has had a positive impact on the real estate industry. As we become more depended on digital technologies, real estate builders and companies have a great opportunity to managing the construction activities through real time data by the help of build matrix application and enjoy the benefits of digital technology first-hand.

Tuesday, May 28, 2019

 Growth of your business with Mobile Applications
In this digital era normally every business having the websites but the now trend is changed mobile phones help us to connect the different peoples and made us very social. When smartphones are part of our daily lives mobile applications area more effective way of marketing the products of the company.

Advantages of Having a Mobile App for a Business

Visibility of the Business
Customers are not like to browse websites every time so the best solution for this to having a business mobile application. Peoples are using Smartphones in every time like traveling, walking and free time. Mobile applications are one of the marketing tools to attract the customer's attention and it will improve the overall visibility of the business in the target audience mind.

A Great Tool for communication and Customer Engagement
Mobile applications are the more effective communication tool for the very business. The customers are easily communicated with business officials about their issues and problems so mobile applications are a better option for customer engagement.

Help out the differences with the Competitors
Mobile applications are helping the business to differentiate with their competitors when everyone having a business website but your business having mobile application along with website it will help out the to grab the attention of the potential customers as well as it will give first mover advantage to your business.

Improve Brand Recognition
Mobile applications are increasing the customer's engagement and improve communication through the digital platform. When customers are engaging more in the applications it will help the consumers loyalty and improve the brand image of the company.

Virtual Salesman for your Business
When potential customers wish to purchase any products most of the time they depend on the smartphones and mobile applications are easier to navigate and access compared to the web so having mobile applications for the business help the potential sales into actual conversion. Websites are creating awareness among the potential customers but the mobile applications make the sales.

Mobile Applications links to Social Media Channel
Now a day’s everything is digitalized so peoples are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. when mobile applications are linked to the Social Media channels or login option through social media helps to the boost the customer engagement.

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Reasons to use the business domain for your Email....

What is G Suite?
G suite is the Google service which is integrated with the Gmail and the email server for the business domain. G suite provides the customized and professional domain name for your email address. G suit not only provides the business domain, but it also provides the service like drive, Google doc, Google sheet, Google calendar.

Reasons to use the business domain for your Email

Provide Utmost Professionalism
Now a day’s each and everyone using free email domains and everyone’s mail will end up with the ‘.com’ domain address. If you are to be different from others and to provide utmost professionalism, so you have to a mail id with the business domain. An Email with the business domain is like an online business card.
Effective Branding
Sending an email from a business domain is creating the brand among the mail receiver. Peoples are receiving the mail from many people from the same domain name, that time you will having the different domain address which showcase your professionalism and it will create a separate brand image among the receiver's mind.
To Gain a Competitive Edge
 Most of your competitors having their own business domain address for mail. If you are using a free mail domain, it resulted in you that lag behind from your competitors. Having a different mail id is helps you to differentiate from your competitors and it helps your clients, customers, and potential customers to more serious about your business.
More security
When digital technologies are upgraded many free mail domain users are facing the problems of mail hacking and issues. When using with business domain email, there is no trouble with hacking or blocking the mail. If any such things happened your hosting company will provide the service to recover your mail.
Purpose of Privacy 
When you are using the business domain and it can be hosted with any G suit providing company instead of hosting in big companies. When you are hosted your own or with the G suite providers, it is very safe and private in concern of hackers and conversation tappers. 

G Suite moves the present business culture to quick as well as efficient. For a low cost, your business can gain the power to move operations anywhere all while your company data stays safe.
We, BASE 2 Media Works an G Suite service provider located in Bangalore. Consult us for your G Suite requirements.